He’s been known as Punu since forever, and his passion for music is as old as his alias. He always had the rhythm in him and he realised that when he found himself always bangin’ on stuff in the house pretending he was drumming.
The first real contact, though, with music was at age of 16 when he got his first drum set. Then it all started!
Influenced by bands like Deftones, Incubus, The Cure, Massive Attack, Tricky, etc he starts drumming in all kinds of garage bands and projects here and there, until he figured out he can do this on a more serious level, and after several years of playing around he gets into more serious projects.
Having a real passion for electronic music too, he later starts playing with music production.

Years passed by and here we are in 2013 when he decides to take a more serious approach on electronic music production and also Dj-ing. His first track that ever mattered was called Heatwave, an unreleased track that caught the attention of some influential people that saw huge potential in him. He’s invited to play some tracks at some local events, and although this is something else from the drums he finds himself more and more confortable behind the decks.

In september 2014 his first release ever comes out at NTFO’s label Sintope Digital. Named after the main track from the EP, The Fossil, has 3 soulful tracks with a dark mellow twist which are much appreciated in the electronic music community . He’s noticed by known artist Atapy which asks him to do a remix for “Beating strong” which later comes out on Cimelde Records on an all remix EP called “Beating Strong The Remixes.